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For each database engine we have different ways to retrieve the last inserted id, let’s say that we have the following table:

Product(productID, name, description)

And we have the following query:

<cfquery name=”test” datasource=”my_data”>

insert into Product (name, description) values (‘someProd’, ‘description O fThe Prod’)


now for each engine we can get the last ID in the following way:

MSSQL: <cfoutput>#test.IDENTITYCOL#</cfoutput>

Oracle: <cfoutput>#test.ROWID#</cfoutput>



MySQL: <cfoutput>#test.GENERATED_KEY#</cfoutput>

I guess that this is because each engine uses different methods and the internal database variables are different from engine to engine.

MSSQL, where is NOW() from MySQL?

Posted: 18th May 2012 by admin in MSSQL

To get the current date-time on MSSQL we just have to use the function GETDATE():

select GETDATE();

This will display the same as the NOW() function from MySQL.